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Modular SUMOCHAM Drill for Multi-Spindle Machines
NPA 22/2019


New modular SUMOCHAM drill family dedicated for multi-spindle and Swiss-type machines with FLEXFIT connection for easy adaptation and set up.

Multi-spindle and Swiss-type machines are commonly used in a wide range of applications in the industry. As these types of machines are typically crowded and have strictly limited space for tooling, tools need to be as short as possible in order to avoid collisions and to allow easy clamping and set up.

To fulfil this need, ISCAR is launching a new drill line based on the successful SUMOCHAM family, featuring straight flutes and a FLEXFIT connection, for use on multi-spindle and Swiss-type machines.

A wide range of FLEXFIT threaded adaptors has been specifically designed to fit the drills and to have as short an overhang as possible: HSK, CAMFIX, ER COLLET and a FLEXFIT holder with 3 flat faces for Weldon clamping.

The DCNM drill can hold any of the SUMOCHAM drilling heads for different applications and for all types of material, such as: ICP, ICK, ICM, ICN, FCP, ICG, HCP, QCP etc.

Modular SUMOCHAM Drill with FLEXFIT Connection for Multi-Spindle and Swiss-type Machines
(1)Cutting diameter minimum
(2) Seat size code

FLEXFIT Threaded Modular Shank with 3 Flats for Side Clamping
(1)For all 3 flats

FLEXFIT Threaded Adaptation with HSK DIN69893/A Tapered Shanks
• A cooling tube must be used with all coolant through HSK spindles (should be ordered separately).

* Optional, should be ordered separately

FLEXFIT Threaded Connection Shanks with CAMFIX (ISO 26623-1)
Exchangeable Tapered Shanks

FLEXFIT Threaded Adaptation with Integral ER Collet for ER Collet Chucks

Material Groups
• When using external coolant supply only, reduce cutting speed by 10%
• Use internal coolant supply when machining austenitic stainless steel

Recommended Machining Conditions
Recommended cutting data
(1) As a starting value, the middle of the recommended machining range should be used. Then, according to the wear results, conditions can be changed to optimize performance. The data refers to IC908.

The NPA22-2019's pdf file(includes User Guides): View (PDF) or Download (ZIP)