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GFIS Floating Chuck for High Speed Cutting Reamers
NPA 04/2019 INCH


ISCAR is introducing the GFIS ER32X70-ER32, a new floating chuck for high speed cutting reamers.

The GFIS ER32X70-ER32 floating chuck is designed to enable optimal reamer performance - especially ISCAR’s BAYOT-REAM reamers that feature interchangeable reaming heads.

Floating chucks are used for high-precision hole making, to correct any misalignment between the reamer and hole centers. Precise alignment is essential for optimal performance and hole accuracy.

GFIS ER32X70-ER32 is an extension of the ST GFI floating chuck, which for many years has successfully served mainly hole making industry users of solid HSS and carbide reamers that run at low cutting speeds.

The GFIS ER32X70-ER32 is unlike any other floating system in the market, with a unique technology that ensures the system remains completely rigid until it reaches a steady state of reaming.

This is achieved by a semi-clutch floating mechanism that only starts floating once the reamers penetrate into the bore and the cutting forces are applied.

This feature is especially important on horizontal machines where the reamer tends to wobble, which can damage the chuck and hole entry.

GFIS ER32X70-ER32 has an ER32 shank that can be attached to any standard tool holder with an ER32 connection.

Main Advantages
No set-up time
No need for adjusting to μ micron runout accuracy

Cost reduction
No need for expensive hydro chucks for each reamer
Modular connection
Suitable for all types of ER32 Collet Chucks

Built-in ER32 Collet Chuck
Featuring high precision and low runout, suitable for various standard toolholders with ER32 taper.
Toolholder for ER32 cone
ER32 mounting nut

GFIS Adaptation Options

  • No set-up time
  • High RPM capability
  • Can withstand high feed forces
  • For reaming .472-.787” shank diameter range
  • Maintains high reamer accuracy (H7)
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Internal coolant supply
  • Coolant pressure up to 1000 PSI
  • Suitable for working with long projection reamers - up to 5xD
  • Radial misalignment compensation range of ±.004”
  • Angular misalignment compensation of ±0.5º
  • Suitable for vertical and horizontal CNC milling machines
  • Special modular shank with ER patented nut connection suitable for all types of ER32 collet chucks

Floating Reamer ER Collet Chuck with ER Shank for High Speed Cutting Reamers • ! Maximum 5000 RPM
• Angular floating range 1.0°
• For Reaming 12-25 mm shank diameter range only
(1) Minimum diameter
(2) Maximum diameter
(3) Radial floating range

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