FDN-XN13 Efficient Full Slot Milling Cutters Carrying Square Inserts with
8 Cutting Edges

Эффективные пазовые фрезы FDN-XN13 с обработкой на полную глубину, с квадратными пластинами, имеющими 8 режущих кромок

FDN-XN13 - новое семейство пазовых фрез c обработкой на полную глубину, с квадратными пластинами, обеспечивающие эффективное и экономичное решение для обработки пазов и канавок

NMU 130608PNM-MM is a robust double-sided square insert, featuring 8 (4 right-hand and 4 left-hand) helical cutting edges and unique twisted upper and bottom surfaces. The inserts, when clamped on the cutter, produce staggered teeth with alternating axial rakes, which contribute to very stable cutting even under high chip load. The twisted positive rakes cause a smooth cutting action, and it is rigidly secured in the cutter.

Due to a combination of staggered teeth, positive rake and reliable insert clamping, the cutters feature high performance reliability and productivity..

The FDN-XN13 flange-type cutters are available in the diameter range of 32-200 mm for 14-24 mm slot widths.

The unique XNMU 130608PNM-MM inserts are probably the first double-sided inserts with 4 R.H. and 4 L.H. helical cutting edges for slot milling cutters. They are made from the
advantageous SUMO TEC carbide grades, designed for general applications on alloy steel,
ferritic and martensitic stainless steel and cast iron components.
Also available are special radii up to 2.4 mm and special FSB and SSB tools.